2021 Gongshow Invitation

Get Lucky Cup Women’s Tournament

MSU Hockey Recruitment Video

MSU Hockey Recruitment Video 2019 ...

2019 Gloves Off Gala - Gallatin Ice Foundation

Gallatin Ice Foundation welcoming Olympic gold medalist Mike Eruzione for weekend fundraisers

Our Community First: Gallatin Ice Foundation

For the month of April, the Gallatin Ice Foundation has been selected as the Community First Award for their outstanding work in southwest Montana....

Sled hockey puts disabilities on ice, offers fun workout for everyone

Sled hockey made its way to Bozeman, thanks to a partnership between Eagle Mount Great Falls, who started the Sled Hockey program in 2010, and the Bozeman Amateur Hockey Association....

Figure Skating in Bozeman, MT

Hockey is coming into the mainstream in Montana

Hockey is coming into the mainstream in Montana...

Raise The Barn 2017

BAHA Adult Hockey

BAHA Youth Hockey

Bozeman’s Learn To Skate Program

Raise The Barn 2016