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Hello Everyone,

The summer hockey season is quickly approaching and we need your help to make it successful.

We need more officials. As you may know, we were a little short handed for the regular season. We asked a lot from our officials and they answered the call. We had nine officials work over 100 games with one finishing at 166 games on the season. As hockey grows in Bozeman, we need more officials to grow with it.

Don't worry, we don't need you to work 100+ games if you don't want to. We offer flexible scheduling where you are in charge of your availability and can work as few or as many games as you like.

We are hosting a Level 1 referee seminar on Sunday, June 12th. Registration with USAH will open on June 1st, and your certification will be good for the upcoming 2022/23 season as well. You can register and sign up for the seminar at

A lot of you are already putting your arm up during an icing so let's just make it official. Join us, and help keep the Bozeman Hockey program the gold standard for the state of Montana.

For more information please visit or reach out to me directly.

Thank you,
Kyler Harris
(406) 698-3942

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