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Gallatin Ice

The Gallatin Ice Foundation funds the expansion of refrigerated ice facilities for the health and wellness of our communities.

Our vision is to provide a year-round ice arena to our community. The current facility is covered but not insulated and open just 6 months a year.

The “Finish the Ice Barn” campaign will complete a world-class, year-round ice arena in the heart of Southwest Montana. The facility will put Bozeman, Montana, on the national stage as a destination ice rink with access to Yellowstone Park and will provide our local members access to ice all year.

The first seasonal ice rink in Bozeman was founded more than 40 years ago. Bozeman’s ice community and youth programs have grown to their limit and now we need year-round ice. Let’s “Finish the Ice Barn” and provide Bozeman and our youth access to year-round ice for the next 40 years to come!


Gallatin Ice is a 501c3 non-profit and all cash contributions are tax-deductible. Contributions may be applied to annual rink operations or to the “Finish the Ice Barn” building project specifically.

Here are the various ways to support Gallatin Ice!


Make a personal contribution.


Buy ice rink advertising or sponsorship.


Become a pledging partner.


Donate auction items and prizes!


2021 Gloves Off Gala

The 2021 Gloves Off Gala has a combined format year. There will be a live event as well as an extended online auction.

Gong show


Gongshow is a party for everyone. Tickets include drinks, dinner, a band, games, a live auction with an auctioneer, and a ping pong ball raffle. For the last two years, it has been held at the Eagles Ballroom in downtown Bozeman.

Finish the Ice Barn

The Finish the Ice Barn campaign is a multi-million dollar project made
possible by donors, contributors, and volunteers.

Founder Club

Gallatin Ice is responding to an overwhelming and defined need for a year-round ice facility in Bozeman, Montana. In January of 2017, we opened a second ice rink next to the Haynes Pavilion called the Ice Barn. Since then, figure skating, hockey, and curling programs have flourished despite the cold and unfinished conditions.

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Annual sponsorship agreements combine ice rink advertising with the sponsorship of tournaments, teams, events, and campaigns into a single agreement. Corporate sponsors find this to be a convenient way to show support across many of the programs or events at the rink in a single, once a year contract. It’s a great time saver. Let us be your “in-rink” marketing partner.

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Advertising at the Bozeman Ice Rink is simple, fun, and affordable. It’s engaging and interactive. Plus, our user groups are faithful supporters of those companies who decide to place their brand at the rink.

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Rent The Facility

Private ice rental is a fun and unique way to host your next event. It's easy and cost effective.

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