Frequently Asked Curling questions

How do I get a banner or dashboard at Gallatin Ice?

Contact Philanthropy, Jeff Moore, at to showcase your business while supporting the rinks!

How can I volunteer at the rink?

Talk to your team manager, your team captain, or contact the rink by phone at (406) 586-5557 to find a volunteer task appropriate for your skills. Additionally, we will send out emails to our mailing list and post updates on our Facebook page when group efforts are needed. Sign up for the mailing list on our homepage to make sure you receive our group emails.

I lost an item while visiting Gallatin Ice. Who should I contact?

If you recently lost an item at one of the Gallatin Ice rinks and would like our help in finding it, please send a message to Anna at with a description and/or photo of the item along with your contact information.

Can I rent the ice for a private party or special event?

Both the Ressler and Bottcher ice rinks are available to rent when it is not being used for any of our other skating programs. Short-term rates are approximately $200 per hour, which includes 10-minute ice resurface. For more information on ice rental, please contact Julie Keck at

Who can be at the facility?

Players/skaters under the age of 10 may be accompanied by no more than ONE (1) parent and ONE (1) sibling (under the age of 10) when entering the facility for recreation.