Our Coaches & Classes

Our Coaches & Classes


Some BFSC coaches do on-ice and off-ice group classes. These classes are open to all BFSC skaters, no matter your coach. To attend a class, follow the instructions below.


Sydney Ross

Thursdays: On-Ice Edge and Power Class:
From 6:00-6:30 am

This edge and power class is for all levels. To register please contact Sydney Ross at (801) 628-4675 or rossskateacademy@gmail.com.

Saturdays: Off-Ice Class:
6:00-6:50 am

​This class will take place off the ice and focus on technique, strength, agility, rotations, and injury prevention. All levels are welcome! To register, please contact Sydney Ross at (801) 628-4675 or rossskateacademy@gmail.com

On-Ice Jump and Spin Class:
7:00-7:30 am

This class focuses on jump and spin technique and is for levels Pre-Preliminary and higher. To register, please contact Sydney Ross at (801) 628-4675 or rossskateacademy@gmail.com.

Sydney Ross has experience coaching Learn to Skate, bridge programs, and private lessons for jump technique, spins, Moves in the Field, Ice Dance, off-ice, power skating and edges, and choreography. Sydney is a quadruple gold medalist in Moves in the Field, Ice Dance, Free Dance, and Free Skate. She is also a Skates U.S. Dealer, boot fitter, and blade mounter. Sydney is the owner and founder of Ross Skate Academy, LLC located in Bozeman, MT. Ross Skate Academy, LLC follows Sydney's philosophy of cultivating a skater's love and passion of the sport in a safe and fun manner by ensuring all skaters have access to professional coaching and quality equipment at reasonable costs.

She began skating in Salt Lake City, Utah when she was three years old. After going through a local Learn to Skate Program she fell in love with the sport and has been skating ever since. Sydney skated competitively in Utah for over a decade with her younger sister. Sydney has learned from, competed against, and coached alongside many Olympic and national competitors by training in San Jose, Anaheim, Colorado Springs, New York, Dallas, Boston, and many more US Figure Skating training facilities. Sydney loves sharing her passion for skating with skaters of all ages and abilities through private or group lessons in Freestyle, Moves in the Field, Ice Dance, Free Dance, Choreography, Off-Ice Strength Training, and Power Skating. To inquire about private lesson rates and scheduling, purchasing boots, or boot and blade services, please visit the Ross Skate Academy website at https://www.rossskateacademy.com/ or at 801.628.4675 or rossskateacademy@gmail.com.


Amy Malachowski

6:00-6:30 am |6:30-7:00 am | 7:00-7:20 am

Classes will rotate through skills weekly. Contact Amy for class information and inquiries at 406-581-1248 or ajmalousa@msn.com.

Amy Malachowski has been coaching competitive and recreational skaters for ten years. She is a member of The Professional Skaters Association, US Figure Skating Association, and The Bozeman Figure Skating Club. A Regional and Sectional competitor herself she has coached many skaters to achieve Senior Level Tests and High Level Competitive Goals. Amy specializes in Free Skating, Moves in the Field, Figures, US Figure Skating Basic Skills, Off Ice Jumps, and Power Skating for both Hockey Players and Figure Skaters. She coaches all levels from recreational, testing, and competitive skaters. Accomplished coach with all ages small children and adult students. Private or group lessons are available. Rate is $60.00 per hour and most lessons are twenty or thirty minutes in length.
For more information or to schedule an interview, please contact Amy Malachowski at 406-581-1248 or ajmalousa@msn.com.


Kari Barbo

6:00-6:20 am

Warm up an edge class. Contact Kari Babo for class information and inquiries at 218-349-4920 or bfsckari@gmail.com.

Kari Barbo is a long time fan and member of the Bozeman Figure Skating Club. She first joined the BFSC coaching team in 2002. Currently she serves as a board member and mother of 2 skating members. Kari has been coaching figure skating for more than 20 years. Her skating experiences include training in Minnesota and becoming a MN State Champion. She competed at regional and national levels and has worked with many skaters training for this type of competitive skating career. Kari has passed gold level tests in both Moves in the Field and Freestyle. She enjoys working with all types of skaters and looks forward to sharing her love of skating with this community for years to come Private or group lessons are available. Rate is $60.00 per hour and most lessons are twenty to thirty minutes in length. For more information please contact Kari Barbo at 218-349-4920 or bfsckari@gmail.com.


Mikayla Musack

Mikayla Musack started skating at the age of five in Stevens Point, Wisconsin. After completing Learn to Skate, she joined the Crystal Ice Figure Skating club and skated competitively for twelve years. Mikayla also was on synchronized skating team and a member of the first high school team to travel across the Midwest to compete. Mikayla began coaching for the Bozeman Figure skating Club in 2019 and enjoys working with all levels of skaters as she continues to pass on her love and compassion for the sport. To discuss scheduling and rates, please contact Mikayla via phone, text, or email at musac006@gmail.com or 970.819.5131.


Joanie Bauer Hupp

Joanie Bauer Hupp grew up in Louisville, Kentucky, and started taking skating lessons at the age of 5, as a member of the Louisville Figure Skating Club. She and her sister were thrilled to have National Champions & World Competitors as their coaches, while training in rinks across the mid-west and making life-long friends. Joanie is a USFS Gold Dance Medalist, and began teaching skating in 1973 in Kentucky and Ohio, before moving to Denver in 2001, where she taught at South Suburban Ice Arena in Denver for 10 years, and 8 years in Durango, Colorado. Having moved to Bozeman in 2018, she began teaching for the Bozeman Figure Skating Club.
Joanie instills strong foundation skills like stroking, edge-work, carriage, and footwork, while teaching Moves in the Field, Dance, Synchro, Low Freestyle, and Beginners of all ages and abilities, as well as LTS-USA group lessons. She believes in positive reinforcement, as well as proper technique, and looks forwards to helping you on the ice. You may contact her by email: bauer_jh@yahoo.com



  • Arrive for the class on-time.
  • Communicate any and all changes, updates, comments, issues, etc. in a respectful and timely manner.
  • Register for classes in a timely manner.
  • Pay for the session prior to taking the ice.
  • Pay the coach in a timely manner.
  • Warm-up prior to taking the ice.
  • Follow all class, coach, and rink policies.
  • Communicate with your primary coach.


  • Individual skaters or skaters in lessons have the right of way.
  • For on-ice classes, a skater cap can be decided by the individual coach(es) teaching the class, as long coaches communicate with one another, the club, the rink management about this cap.
  • Lesson plan prior to the class.
  • Make class structure, information, guidelines, and any other information easily accessible.
  • Communicate with the skaters, parents, and primary coaches respectfully and professionally.
  • Cancel in a timely manner.