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Baillie Lee Eichenwald

Concessions & Ticket Booth Manager

Born in Minnesota, hockey was an integral part of her youth experience up through her High School career. Upon completion of High School, Baillie moved out to Bozeman Montana to attend Montana State University to complete a B.S. in Microbiology and began coaching for the Learn to Skate Program and the Bozeman Amateur Hockey Association in 2015. Upon completion of her M.S. in Health Sciences with an emphasis in Molecular Medicine in the Spring of 2021, Baillie took on a full-time position under the Gallatin Ice Foundation working as the assistant manager for the concessions and ticket booth areas of operation. She is excited to be working in a management position for the Gallatin Ice Foundation and being given the opportunity to serve the Bozeman community in this way.

Away from the rink Baillie has also been an avid volunteer for a variety of youth focused recreational programs in the Gallatin Valley, including working with adaptive programs under Eagle Mount and Special Olympics. Her long-term goal is to attend Medical School and strives to find new ways to serve the Bozeman community both now and in the future.