Rising Stars

Rising Stars is a bridge program between Learn to Skate and the Bozeman Figure Skating Club. Its purpose is to provide developmental training experience for all skaters who wish to take their training beyond Basic Skills. Rising Stars is taught by BFSC coaches and designed to provide an opportunity to learn a broad assortment of skating skills in a fast paced, group lesson environment. In addition to jumps, spins, turns, and edges, skaters will be provided with an introduction to Moves In The Field, power, artistry, freestyle etiquette, and good practice habits. The goal of Rising Stars is to provide a method of instruction before starting private lessons with a coach, to begin to prepare students for their first US Figure Skating assessments (Pre-preliminary or Adult Pre-Bronze), act as a first step towards Basic Skills competitions, or just to improve skills in a group environment. These group classes are for all levels and cover a variety of skills.