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April Madness large

9th Annual 2023 HHL April Madness Pool

Win a 2023/2024 HHL Season Membership - NO ENTRY FEE!
48 teams; 84-90 games; 6 champions crowned in 20 days!

Rules & Regulations:

  1. Print all 6 HHL brackets (ALPHA, BRAVO, CHARLIE, DELTA, ECHO, VHW) 11X17 preferred.
    • Brackets available for download on the Gallatin Ice website,
  2. Fill each bracket out in pen - advancing winner AND loser double elimination brackets.
    • score one point for each correct slot and 5 points for the final* correct champion in each of the four brackets.
    • *You must determine if the extended bracket (for a first loss in the winners bracket/first chipper) is necessary.
    • Missing slots are zero points. Double check before submitting.
  3. Clearly write your name/email address/cell number on each, staple them together and turn in all 6 completed brackets.
    • Drop off hard copies at the Snack Bar/Ticket Room window when open;
    • OR scan and email copies to;
    • OR deliver completed brackets to Stephanie Self, Julie Keck or Dave Weaver at the rink.
    • Deadline: 5:30PM SHARP on Wednesday, March 29th, start of playoffs.
  4. Winner: Free membership in 2023/2024 HHL season (transferable) Up to $750.00 value!
  5. All entries are also entered in a drawing for a 2022/2023 Stick & Puck Season Pass.
  6. Cost: FREE! One entry per 2022/2023 BAHA youth/adult member or youth guardian.
  7. Tie Breaker: Game of "Ice Horse" at the rink with "Ziggy" as goalie.
  8. Winners determined/announced by Monday, May 1st.

2023 HHL April Madness Results 

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