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1977 - 1991: BAHA Formed

The Bogert Park Pavillion was home to BAHA for seasonal ice recreation for 17 years. Run completely by volunteers.

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1999: Haynes Pavilion

Refrigerated facilities constructed at the Gallatin County Fairgrounds extend the season and accommodate more skaters and programs.

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2006: Gallatin Ice Foundation

Valley Ice Garden closed nearly doubling the demand at Haynes. The building is enclosed and insulated to extend the season. Ice demand exceeds capacity.

Raised barn

2017: Raise the Ice Barn

The Ice Barn is raised and the Ressler Motors Ice Rink is open for business. Programs and revenue double. New programs fill.

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2019: Finish the Ice Barn

Final construction plans finished. Capital Campaign initiated with an initial round of donors.

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Nov. 1, 2021: Project Finished

Finish Capital Campaign. Initial projects summer of 2020 with main construction starting March 2021 and finished by Nov 2021.